Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Better

I felt a little better once I got started on dinner, moving around and doing something.  I even started cutting and wrapping the caramels!  That was actually fun, like I am a candy-maker!! LOL.....

Do you see how much caramel is left in the pan?  I'm going to have LOTS of caramels!!  I'll have to think of something to do with them all.....

So right now (it's 11:30pm), it's raining pretty heavily.  That's good for the garden, so maybe I'll have a little motivation to work out there tomorrow....we'll see!  I get like this for several days most months, so it's probably not over yet.

So here is my list for this week:
1.  Plant the rest of the tomatoes and mulch
2.  Plant the beans
3.  Wood putty the nail holes in the trim, and PAINT
4.  Decorate my shelf (!!!)
5.  Make simple curtain panels
6.  PAINT the living room window trim
7.  Make a large cutting board (like I saw in Country Sampler)
8.  BAKE COOKIES!!!  **this one should be number 1, we are out of desserts!
Oh, and  9.  Cut and wrap the rest of the caramels

We'll see how much of these I can get done, hopefully at least two or three of them tomorrow!  I'm a little crampy right now, so I'll probably be "blah" again tomorrow, but I'll try to fight it.
Of course, there's always the Picture Trails again..... ^-^

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