Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Planting Day!

I did fine today!  I felt mostly myself.....the frustrating thing that did happen was that while making my To Do list last night, I forgot that the kids had dentist appointments this morning -- OOPS!!  That put a bit of a dent in my agenda for the day.....we were gone until almost lunch!

Well, after lunch and dishes, I grabbed my tomato plants and headed up to the garden.  The little plants had been left in the rain last night, and all the potting soil was washed away in about half of them!  So when I saw that, there wasn't a question about my motivation -- I didn't want to lose any of those plants!  In the garden, I lost two more of the newly planted seedlings during last nights downpours.  We were supposed to get more rain and storms tonight, but we barely had any clouds (another MISS by the weathermen....), and I'm GLAD -- the little plants I put in the ground today looked pretty fragile when I was done, and I was worried I could lose them too, if we got lots of rain again tonight. 

So my tomato planting is finished!!  I still have to mulch (huge job!), and plant beans, but I'm saving both for the weekend.  I DID make cookies today too, after I was done planting (I told you I was mostly myself!).  There was no time for any kind of indoor work, but tomorrow I am blissfully stuck at home - YAY!! - so I'm planning on at least puttying the wood, hopefully more!

I wish I took some pictures while I was up there, but there just wasn't time.....tomorrow I will!! ^-^

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