Monday, May 28, 2012

Small Projects....

 FIRST ~~  I want to take a moment to say "Thank You!" to our brave soldiers and veterans - all of them - for what they have done and still do for my freedom and that of my loved ones, and my whole country.  Being World War II-obsessed since I was a girl, I watch shows all the time that point out to me what has been done for our country that I have benefited so much from, and I am so truly grateful, from the bottom of my heart!  And a special note to my brother-in-law Bob Johnson, thank YOU for your time serving in Iraq, and for being a loving husband and father to the sister and nieces and nephew that I love so much, and for all the wonderful things you have done for me and Brian and the kids!  I am proud to have you as part of my family!!  We love you!

Today was fun.....we did very little actual work on the house!  We did clean off the back porch - well, Brian did most of that, but I stood there declaring what could get stored in the barn, and what would stay.  Oh, and also what should go where -- these are very important jobs!!

After that, he took me to Hobby Lobby, just like I wanted!  YAY!!  I looked at the dried naturals.....I love them all!  I wanted to buy a few bunches of them, but I remembered (with Brian's help) that I have at least three bunches here at home that I haven't displayed yet, so I decided to wait.  Then, I saw some terrific new baskets!!  Wow - they were great!  BUT, they weren't on sale, and they were alot of money - like $20!!  So I'll be sure to keep checking on them.....I really want two of those for sure!!

I stopped at fabric, and simply COULD NOT make a decision about what I had, what I wanted, what looked right, what I should's very difficult for me!  I love so if I buy something every time I am moved by it, I regret it....and regretting spending money is awful!!  I want to stay primitive/colonial -- were those flower-patterned pumpkin colored fabrics right???  *SIGH*
So I put the bolt back and decided to wait.  I DID get a half-yard of osenberg?....osnaberg?....muslin.  It's SO raw and primitive looking!  Maybe I'll get started on a sampler?? ^-^

Next was my favorite place -- the mache boxes and unfinished wood!  I want all of it!! LOL   Well, what I ended up getting were two oval boxes to stack on top of eachother.  They are the perfect thing to put my new paint sample on that I got - Earthenware....who can resist a color called that??

I also got an unfinished chest of drawers, it matches another one I bought a couple of months ago.....
See, now I have two!!  After getting the first one, I was going to paint it, but a different idea seized me - I want to double them up!  I'm going to glue them together, and then cut the two top drawers in half and make four smaller drawers; THEN, I'm going add the little white knobs that are in the plastic bag there - they are ceramic and old!!  I got them from the Habitat For Humanity store years ago, waiting for the right thing to use them on -- now I think I have it!  So, we'll see how this's kind of ambitious!

Later in the day, we worked on the cheap TV cabinet that we moved a couple of weeks ago (did I post about that??), when we cleaned up the living room, and I started painting the unfinished trim in here (from 4 YEARS AGO!).....

Anyway, it needed "legs", because it used to have rollers, but those were obnoxious so they were taken off right away.  This cabinet is CRAP - I should just throw it away, but I can't.....I can't throw something away that I can USE....does that make any sense??  Haha!!  Maybe I'm just a hoarder!
So, Brian drilled holes, and we used dowels and glue, and now it has legs.....
I'm not sure they improved it!  I wanted them closer to the outer edge, but the screws for the doors were in the way....maybe I should have used square legs??  Ah well!  I am going to paint it and "distress" it, and see what I have then -- maybe I'll like it?  ^-^

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