Saturday, May 19, 2012


Can you see what this is???  It's my TRIM, going UP!!  I love seeing, even with this first wall being trimmed out, how much of a difference those boards make -- it is truly being done.  Well, we have the hallway left to do, but we'll do that tomorrow!  Then of course, there is the right side hallway trim, which isn't 1x3, and the FLOOR (can't forget that!), but so what!??  I am SO happy, what a difference....

 And I'm really happy about how the paint color turned out, it really matches as well as it could.

Here is my view from my night time seat on the couch....AAHHHH!!  How nice that looks finally! (except the door that still needs another coat of paint! LOL)

I love it!!! ^-^

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