Friday, May 11, 2012

Nothing Much Today

Well, I didn't do much around the house today....I planted 8 pea plants, I painted the closet door frame (not the door, I want to change it to wood boards), we went out to eat with the kids (FUN!!).  Tomorrow will be more focused on What To Do: I want more wood boards, I need more wood putty, I want to get a paint sample of a grayish color -- I know there's more, but I can't really think of it all right now.  I AM going to have Brian put up the ceiling trim....OH, I can't wait!!

The heat has been gone for a few days now, and it rained alot the day-before-last, and the tomato plants in the garden have doubled in size!  Rain really makes plants happy, I don't know why!!  Maybe they just know they aren't supposed to be sprayed with water from inside the earth?  Whatever it is, it always amazes me! LOL
I am going to plant the rest of the tomato plants tomorrow, too - there are so many!  I am thinking of cutting up all the empty cardboard boxes I have and putting them down in the garden, under the mulch (instead of the newspaper).....maybe that will help with the weeds that never go away!

I asked for advice on A Primitive Place forums yesterday about my blue shelf I made....
I am just not satisfied with it, it looks DUMB to me, FAKE.  I was feeling very discouraged and ready to pry it all apart and make a different one, but everyone on there said they liked it, so maybe it's just me.  I guess now I'll keep it and put it in the spot I made it for, and then see what I think.  I am so happy to have that forum to post my doubts on!  I have terrible instincts, and those ladies are brilliant!!

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