Monday, May 14, 2012


I almost HAD him!!  We got home from grocery shopping, made a huge lunch for all of us, and he started on our bedroom door trim - that was going to be first, because he's needed to finish that up for about 5 weekends....doesn't bode well for me, I know.  I went to the garden and planted more little tomato plants, so I wouldn't hover around him, "pressuring" him (heaven forbid!).  He ran into a little door frame problem, but decided not to worry about it now, finished up, grabbed the first piece of ceiling trim - MY ceiling trim (YAY!!!) - and started raining.  Wait, raining is the wrong word...."pouring" is a better description.  POURING!!!  That stopped him in his tracks, because he needs to walk to the barn (workshop) and back with the trim pieces to cut and angle them for the wall.  NOOOOO!!!!

**Sigh!!  Oh well, I can wait one more weekend, right!?  I have plenty to do around here, without the trim!  Now, today, here is what I'm looking at.....
Rain, rain, Go Away!!!

No, I guess I don't mean that!  I do like the clouds and rain when I plant new plants, and it keeps me from having to water for an hour up there!!  But it's been raining for almost 24 hours now, I think that's enough!  I left a bucket outside, and there is more than 2 inches of rainwater in it -- I'm good with that!  The forecast says it will rain on and off until tomorrow morning, I guess today will be an indoor day.....that's ok, I like those!! ^-^

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