Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Day, Happy Day!!!!

He did it, my dearest husband did it.....he put up the rest of the 1x3 trim boards in the hallway!!!  Hooray!!

As you can see, he also put the side trim on the doors, so he could then put on the last of the little trim tops....

Remember that in the older pictures??  DONE NOW!! (it's a little dusty in this picture)

We had trim pieces left, so he started some in the living room entry.....
THANK YOU, Darling!! :-D
He was saying that although it's the last thing he wanted to do today, it DID feel great to see things getting finished.  He's right, and I'm so glad to hear him say that.  I want to see it finished, too, and I'm willing to get everything prepared so all he has to do is the heavy isn't simply "just" putting trim up, though!  There are always things that go wrong, adjustments that have to be made, wrong measurements, etc; it can take hours to trim out one room, so I know why he resists....I don't blame him!  I'd rather be outside in the garden too!!  But we've waited SO LONG, it's time to get it done.  And we are!!  YAY!

The wood that we used for the door trim was some of the same cheap 1x3s I got before at Home Depot, only I got this at Lowe's yesterday.  It was great wood!!  I was so happy with it, and it was only $1.35 per 8ft piece - that's terrific!  It's about the same as the Home Depot pieces, and in much better condition - no planing needed on these pieces, just a quick sanding and ready to hang.  I'll definitely be buying those for my wood trim needs from now on!

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