Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tedious Paint Jobs!

I painted more today - there is so much of it to do, and like my title says, it's the tiny, tedious painting that's left now!  Here is what I accomplished today.....

Now that's done....time to do the next door frame!  Oh, there are several!!  It's tedious because I have to paint carefully around the wall and on this frame, carefully along the edge where the kitchen color takes over.....

It looks great though, even better than the picture captures it!

And now it's the weekend again -- YAY!!!  I have all 10 pieces of trim sanded, putty applied where needed, and painted with several coats....they are ready for Brian to put along the ceiling!!  Oh, I can't wait for that, wait until you see how good it looks!  It will be COMPLETE!!

OH!!!  I bought my first colonial reproduction portrait!  I love it!!
 I think this was first painted a long time ago, and this is a copy of that painting.  I love these pictures, there are many colonial era portraits, and I love the style.  I've always planned on photocopying my own from books or the internet, but this was a very do-able purchase at $6!! 

More updates tomorrow!!!! ^-^

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