Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crash.... :-P


Well, due to unfortunate hormonal fluctuations, there will be a suspension of our regularly scheduled activities.....BLEG!!!  I was ok, I even made a list last night, excitedly planning what I was going to do today/this week, and then.....this morning came.  I even felt slightly motivated first thing in the morning, but that faded quickly after I made breakfast.  I had to force myself to do the few dishes that there were.  Now I'm just sitting here, with NO desire to even THINK about my house, my garden, cooking, posting pictures, sewing curtains (that was on my list, too)....I can't even muster up a sentence that has an exclamation point at the end.....


I AM enjoying going through picture trails again.  The only problem with that is that I keep finding more - every one picture trail leads me to two or three more....lol.....so now I have MORE pages open on my computer, not less.....I just hate this feeling....! (I had to squeak that one out)

So, blah, I have to start supper soon.  Good thing I got all the laundry done last week, THAT would be difficult.  OH, I hope this feeling goes away, it's just awful.  I have all these things I want to get to, all these plans I made (excitedly) over the weekend, I hate to just waste a whole day....

I'll post again tonight (my usual posting time), hopefully with the good news that I've shaken this off....:-P

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