Friday, May 25, 2012

My New Tool....

Here it new tool that I am working with.  The problem with this tool is that it doesn't actually make the work faster, in fact it takes FOREVER to use it!!  But use it I must, and all over the place!  YIKES!!  Why does Brian have to use so many stupid nails?? LOL

Well, I've worked for a few hours, and I have one room puttied (is that even a word???) -- got that....ONE ROOM.  *Sigh!  It's going to be a long weekend!!

OH!  And the weather is getting very hot - near 90 today, and the rest of the weekend will be the same - I've got to get the beans in the ground!  Also, I've lost two more newly planted tomato plants, but it's not from the heat, yet....  At least I have 10 more in reserve!! LOL

Brian is home!!  I love when he is with me!
I don't know how much wood-work I'm going to get out of him this weekend -- he is helping our neighbor who bought a new pool pump and can't hook it up herself.  It might take him the whole weekend.  But he does have FOUR days off, so I might get lucky.  And actually, I have enough to do already, he can take a weekend off! LOL

Now to pick up my new tool again..... ^-^

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