Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Ok, I changed my blog background again! LOL  I put my mural there, and in honor of that, I am posting Before and After pictures of my mural!!  Yay, right?!
This is the wall that faces the front door, so we see it as we come in, every time.  What you can't tell from this is that the adjacent wall on the left was added by us to make a doorway to the library room on the left (it used to be open), and this wall used to have a large mirror with two (UGLY) sconce lights on either side.  I had Brian remove those and use the wires for a hanging light in the ceiling above instead.  Then I slathered on plaster and paint and came up with....THIS.......
See the hanging light?  I based this mural on one I saw in an issue of Early American Life magazine.  I LOVE IT!!  I never get tired of looking at it!  I added apple trees (on the hill to the right) and my own house (the brown one on the left - remember it from my "Front Door" post?), and because I love sheep, I added this.....

I loved making this!!  I want to make more, maybe even on canvas to hang somewhere!  OH, and I got a great idea from my new A Primitive Place magazine (THE BEST magazine EVER!)....I'm going to paint one on my bathroom wall!!  Someone did that in the magazine, and it looks perfect - I was trying to figure out what I would do with that space when I get around to it, and now I know exactly what will look great!

If you ever get a chance to get a subscription or even just an issue of A Primitive Place, DO IT!!  It's so awesome, it will become your favorite magazine for this style of decorating!  I wish I knew how to add a link to my blog, but I haven't figured it out yet!  Oh, but, I will.....! ^-^

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