Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Not FAIR!!

Oh, the unfairness of it all!!!!
Look at these......

They are all about $200 each!!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I can never have them....NEVER.....it's SO UNFAIR!! :-(

Now look at these gorgeous crocks.....

The first one is listed for $527 and this bottom one is $587!!!!  What are they made of....solid gold???  They are so beautiful - I WANT them too!!  Especially that first one -- WOW!  Oh how I would love to have that gorgeous pottery in my hands! 

*SIGH!!*  NO FAIR!!!! 

Of course, once I do get a treasured object (usually 1% of the cost of those!), I set it aside and don't display it until I find the "perfect" place for it.  Remember my stoneware pitchers?  They still aren't displayed! LOL
Yup, that's ME!  Hahaha -- kind of ridiculous, right?  I know, I know....I am working on ME all the time so that what I do makes sense, but it's a process! LOL

Today, Brian had a doctor's appointment and we spent the rest of the day afterwards waiting for the pharmacy to fill his prescription (I guess they were behind from the holiday) -- but actually, we enjoyed ourselves.  It was fun to sit together and walk around that store together, just us!  I love being with him, no matter where we are!!  He is funny, and I also love how I can make him laugh with my humor; plus, he loves to be physically close to me (hugging, holding hands, letting me hang on his arm!), which is something that is like food for my soul.....does anyone GET that?  I know Karen does, at least!!  Not my other weirdo sisters!  Hahaha!! 
Well, anyway, we had a fun day together!  And then, while I made supper, he did the dishes for me....!!  Ok, that's better than the food-for-my-soul thing, right?!!! LOL

Tomorrow, I need to get back to puttying and painting the trim! ^-^

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