Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Primitive Home "In-Process"!!

Here is what happens when you have many great ideas for projects, but can't get them finished the same day....and then the next day you get excited about a different project, and start that one, and pretty soon, you run out of room for your PROJECTS!!......

And then, when your husband tries to put things away, so there is room for some of HIS things (or for him to sit down or eat supper), you get angry at him for "messing up my stuff"!!  LOL

He's been warning me for a couple of weeks that "It's time to CLEAN UP", so this week I started, and he helped me finish this morning!  It's not all put away, but most of it is.  I do look around and feel bad for him - of course!! hahaha! - and I was feeling ready to get things put away too.  What's wonderful about him is that he just starts putting things away for me, and it helps me focus and get started too, and the job gets done!  And he never makes me feel like a slob (not that he could! LOL), he knows I love my "piles", he just gives me the push I need to get going!!  He's perfect for ME!!!

So look at those pictures....somewhere under there are rooms that I've worked hard on getting the right color, the right elements (stone, wood, wallpaper), the right Look-- and someday, I hope they will be set up beautifully!!


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