Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Here Is What You Get.....

Here is what you get when your 13 year old daughter asks if she can cut the watermelon and eat as much as she wants, and you leave her to do it alone because you are painting trim in another room......

So while that was going on, I was painting the trim in the living room (NOT where the wallpaper is) - this is trim that has been up for four years or more!  I guess it's time, right?!  Painting trim is SO's such a small area, but painting it seems to take forever!  As I sit here looking at it (right next to me), it looks so good finished - doesn't everything? - now I need to paint the wall!! LOL  Actually, I really do want to paint the wall, and then add that wonderful "aging" over it....if I can figure out HOW to create that look.

I took a picture of the tomato plants this weekend, look how they've grown.....
They are doing GREAT!!  They have lots of flowers on them, and even some little green tomatoes!  Oooooh, I can't wait!!!!

Yesterday, I read a blog post that summed me up exactly.....

"With all the busyness, my house is a disaster, we have been eating take out and bake pizzas and I forget a zillion things to do each day.  But my family is very patient with me.  I realize creative souls like myself are "special challenges" for those that love them.  We are disorganized and forgetful, messy and chaotic.  But, despite it all, my family still loves and supports me.  I worry every now and then that one of my son's may someday submit my name to the "Hoarders" show!  LOL!"

I hope the link works, there at the bottom.  She put into words exactly what I am like!!  After reading that, I felt alot better about what I put people through around here -- constantly having half-finished projects cluttering up our living space, having to be reminded over and over to do the laundry ("Mom, are my jeans ready?", "OOPS!  I'll start them right now!"), having my poor husband knocking over one of my piles of "stuff" on the island while he's trying to make himself a sandwich, keeping random things that normal people would throw away (I have two large tin cans hidden in the back of my cooking pan cabinet, who could discard those??  I'm sure I can make something out of them!).....oh, I could go on and on!!  My husband is very patient with me, he NEVER criticizes or insults me - sometimes he will give me a little lecture about how I should "write things down", or "throw this away", or my favorite, "finish this project before starting a new one"; but he has never made me feel bad about being the way I am....I feel bad for him! LOL

But she put a name to WHY I do these things -- I am a Creative Soul.....I like that!!  It sounds so much better than what I call myself! LOL  A Creative sounds romantic and admirable, doesn't it?! 
Well, now that I know she's a kindred spirit, I am obviously following her blog!  I wonder if she's a Libra, too..... ^-^

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