Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm Painting Again!!

I'm getting going on the ceiling trim!!!
I drove myself crazy with the paint color (like always), I had to go back to Lowe's to have them re-adjust it once, and now I'm just painting with it - no more looking at it!! LOL  Here is a pack of 8ft 1x3s....they are the cheap ones, so some of them are rough and shaped wrong.  I sanded them all first, except one that needed to be planed.  I've also used tons of wood putty!  Haha!!  Anything to save some money, right!?

That's the board AFTER Brian planed it - it looks perfect!!  I might plane all of the new ones I get!!
The rest of the boards have two coats of paint on them.....
You know what this means.....

Putting up ceiling trim this weekend!!!!!! ^-^  YIPPEEE!!!!!!

The more I walk around the family room and hallway, the more I love the new walls.  They are so cozy and clean looking - I'm so happy to cover up all the mismatched paint and stencils and cut-out sheet rock.  I really feel like this is going to be completely done this time (door trim and paint, and wood floor, too), instead of stopping part way through!  I can move my furniture around and put out my special things I'm saving, too - quilts, stoneware, boxes, candles, etc.  Then I'll have to work on keeping things clean!!

Uh-oh!!!  LOL

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