Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Work, Work, Work!!

Well, this whole thing is slow-going....I can't seem to make any REAL progress.  It could be because no matter what I want to accomplish, I am limited by all the other things I MUST do.  Still, I am going along!
This is how many nail-holes there are (in each wall!)....I filled them all with putty!

Instead of cutting the whole rug out, I went around the whole room and cut just the rug around the wall (so I can use the paint roller).

Here, I've started the back doors -- MORE places that need painting (and at least three coats on white like that!)

Tomorrow, the kids have braces appointments in the morning, so if I tackle the roll-on painting, it will have to be in the afternoon.....we'll see if that's possible!!
If I don't paint, maybe I'll post tomorrow night about my favorite websites and items on ebay and etsy! ^-^

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