Monday, April 2, 2012

A Trick Question!

I love love old tin molds, but most people selling them want more money than I can spend on them.  Years ago, I found a bunch of "copper" jello molds at Goodwill for very cheap, but never put them out because they are that ugly pink metal.  So I finally got an idea of what to do with them so I would like them better....


Can you tell which one is the Real old tin mold???

Here is a hint!....
Hmmm....I am not sure why these uploaded differently....well, you get the picture, right?  In the top picture, the mold on the bottom left is my only true old tin mold!! (in the bottom pic, it's top-left)
What I did was spray paint the pink molds with silver hammered finish paint by Krylon, then after pouring over grayish paint samples, trying to match them to the color of the scuffs on the tin mold, I picked Gunstock, from Lowes.  All I needed was a sample size - love those!! - and I sponged it on all the raised spots in the molds.  They look great, I'm so happy with them!  I'm going to hang them on my kitchen wall!! (after the trim is up)

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