Saturday, April 21, 2012


The saga of me finding the right paint (in ANY situation) continues....  I spent this past week mixing different paints I have to try and match the wallpaper (for the ceiling trim)....(keep in mind I haven't painted the boards we put up yet, but this is somehow so important....).  Here are the different "patches" that have come the closest.....
In the picture, you would think the two middle spots match, but you would be certain light they look pretty close, but anywhere I've put them up to the wall....NOPE, wrong color, too light, too greenish, not "tan" enough.  The two colors on the ends are much darker, and have no greenish tint, they don't match in sunlight or in the light at Lowes, but on the wall, they come the closest!  I was too scared to get a sample of those, especially under those florescent lights - the middle color is almost exact!  So here I sit, with another paint sample that isn't right.  I guess I'll go back and ask the paint-guy to add a shot of brown in there....why do I always struggle with this???

So we didn't get any wood yet.  I figured we could wait until I got this paint right, plus we didn't want to take the van and it's hard to fit in the car.  I am determined to get this room finished, and maybe finish the trim in the living room and the painting in the library while we're at it!  I am toying with the idea of "aging" the walls like I've seen other people looks so great, I'd love to have that look, but am I brave enough?? LOL

I did get most of the nail holes filled in the wood that's been put up (with wood putty) -- TEDIOUS!! -- so I really can paint the walls now.  Then the double-doors, then the bedroom doors, then the bathroom door, then the closet door that we need to make, then.....  AHHHHH!!!!   No, I'm kidding, I am really enjoying getting all this accomplished!

The other thing I did today was replant my tomato seedlings into new peat pots.  They needed it!  Some of the larger one's were really drooping, from being confined in those tiny pots.  I hope they perk up, although I have PLENTY.....

Aren't they great?!!  I keep dreaming of all the canning I'm going to be able to do...!!! ^-^

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