Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, I keep tweaking the layout, style, and colors of this blog.  It's kind of scary, because there are SO MANY decisions to make, and once I select something different, I don't know how to get back to my original (if I even can).  That's how I made this latest change, I accidentally selected a new template (I was just trying to see what it looked like), and it totally changed everything in my whole blog....colors, fonts, layouts....terrifying!!
It's ok, because I didn't like the original look at all, but I liked SOME of it, and for a few seconds I wasn't sure how to get those parts back! LOL  But I did.  I am still not sure about the color, and I tried to add a template from another site, but it came out wrong.  She had instructions on how to do it, but they didn't work for me, so I tried another way, and that worked sort of....but not exactly!  I am also not sure about the brightness of this purple, I wanted it to be more grayish.  I'll keep it for awhile and see!

I'll add more pictures of my house work (haha!!) tomorrow!  I used another new saw today!!

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