Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Weekend Over.....

Wow!  Weeks really go by quickly, don't they?  Do you realize, this is the last week of June??  JUNE!  Wasn't it just Christmas??  It seems like only a few weeks ago I was visiting my family up in Mass!!!  Yikes!  It's kind of scary, right?!  It certainly unnerves me!!  And I hate it!  I want days and moments to last longer....not be over before I can fully be IN them!  I can't imagine how it is for other people -- my life is so quiet and small (for the most part), how fast is time going for people who rush around, have lots to do, have large blocks of time taken up by outside responsibilities, etc?? 

As much as it's speeding by, I really do love my little life!! :-)

Ok, so we planed the trim boards yesterday - they came out great!!  I sanded them after too, and now all they need is paint....
 I'll do that tomorrow!

 Here is a Before/After, the original finish is in front.....
....see how smooth they are now?

I also painted the last ceiling trim board, in the living room!  My neck and arm muscles were burning by the end of it (it's 10 feet long!), but I managed to paint it all with almost no "goofs" know, paint splotches on the ceiling or wall....LOL!  Good job, Lisa!!  I didn't want to bore anyone with a picture of "paint" (again), so I'll wait to show you guys when the wall is repainted and stenciled -- THAT will be something to see! :-D

I put up a curtain panel that I'm thinking of hanging in the living room, and I think I like it.....

It's not as pink as it looks in the picture - it's more rust-colored.  Obviously I need to hem them, but I'm not sure what to do.....should I make them 3 feet long, and pull back a shorter panel (I definitely want a "pulled back" style in here)??  I could just hem them to the sill, and pull back a long panel....?  Part of me wants to just BUY curtains that I like and hang them up, and be done with it!  But I simply can't do that while I have perfectly good, free curtains already!!  So, here I sit, stumped!  :-P

In the meantime, (as the curtain still hangs there!) today we were back at Lowe's, and I wasn't going to get wood, but THERE it was, just piled on the floor, with that oh-so tempting sign next to it ("$1.44 each") -- how can a girl resist, I ask you?! -- SOOOO....I grabbed 7 more of the rough cut wood boards!!  I want them for the cabinet I am going to build for the I have them!! :-D  It's funny, because I'm not really ready to build the cabinet, but I HAD to have the wood!
Anyway, I'm not even sure of the style I want for it -- here's the original picture that I wanted to duplicate.....
This is in the back of a Country Sampler magazine (I hope they forgive me for showing it here!).  I love this cabinet, and I can see exactly how to make it, too.  I'm still actually leaning toward this style the most, the rough wood would be perfect for it.

BUT.....never one to make a decision easily, I also saw THIS cabinet in A Primitive Place magazine, and now I wonder if I should make it this style......
Of course, this one on the bottom is painted, while the one in the top picture is stained.  And the boards I bought wouldn't work as well for this bottom one, either.  They could work, but it looks like 1x12s and 1x10s are what should be used.  I do love the double doors, and the contrasting paint colors inside and out.  But I love the simple design of the first cupboard, and the aged-stained finish.  I could also paint it instead (I was thinking about gray).  So here I sit, THINKING, and nothing else......I'm sure whichever one I decide on, I'll make it and then immediately regret it and wish I made the other one!  Hahaha!!  I am NOT kidding!! :-D

UGH!!!  (Exactly how many "ugh" posts do I have already?? LOL)

Well, anyway, the new week begins!  I hate when the weekend is over and Brian has to go back to work, but I love the feeling that I won't be going anywhere all week, that I'm STUCK here, in my home, until next weekend!!
And something great is that after this week, Brian has his vacation week!!!  I'm very excited about that!  Of course, he's already been warning me that he doesn't want to see any "wood projects" during his vacation!! LOL  We'll just see about that! (*cue evil cackle!*) ^-^

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