Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Birdie Excitement

Today, I was sitting next to my window, and I heard alot of fluttering and chirping, which I barely noticed.  But then, there was a pretty hard thwap against the screen which startled me (and the cats!), and suddenly a little bird hopped up into the bush next to the window!  It was a little Cardinal fledgling!!  It was so cute - I think it was a "she" - and I could see her parents close by and flying down to the bush, chirping encouragement!  It was very exciting!!  I took a bunch of pictures....I couldn't help it!  She kept hoping around that bush, and twisting her little head, watching me....I wanted to pet her!! LOL

Isn't she cute!?  I couldn't get the parents, because they didn't stay in the bush for very long.  I keep thinking about her and I hope she's up in a tree safe now!!

AND....we DO have a real nest on our porch, which I wrote about in a previous post, it's not a decoy nest!  I hardly see those birds now, but this weekend one flew into the house for a little bit (I had the back door open).  And last night when my cat was sitting on the back porch, I heard this loud squawking from outside the porch.  I brought him in, and decided to step up onto a chair to see if anything was in the nest.  I had to use a mirror, because the hole is so close to the roof!  As I stepped up onto the chair, I heard a little scraping/scrambling sound in the hole, and then after moving the mirror around carefully, I saw three little eggs in the nest!!  WOW!  I don't have an actual picture, because I didn't want to frighten the mom any more once I realized she was in there, but here is one from a bird website, this is exactly what they looked like.....
Aren't they precious!?!  It's so exciting!  Now we are staying off the porch so they aren't disturbed.  I hope they hatch!! ^-^

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