Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Surprising Treasures!

We went to the thrift store today, and I spent some time looking around for the treasures that other people seem to keep finding....instead of simply glancing down the isles at the junk and moving on. Don't get me wrong, there were mountains of junk, it was almost depressing as I poked through it all.  But, I DID find some things!  Imagine that!! ^-^

This 6-inch tall, paper covered mache box was 40 cents!!  I am thinking of painting it and stenciling it, but the pattern is starting to grow on me....maybe I'll just stain and distress it??

Look at this strange's even taller than the picture!  There is a hanging loop on top of that wrapped end.  This was $1.20, and was in a group of ugly, random baskets piled high on a shelf....I wasn't sure about it, and truthfully, I'm still NOT!!  I wish the basket-bottom was more flat, that would make it look better to me.  But I figured I couldn't go wrong for that price!  I think I'm going to paint it!

This is my favorite purchase.....
 It's a twig wreath, made of real twigs, with lots of ugly plastic things glued to it!  So I clipped off the ugly stuff, and hung it on the front door!  It cost $2.42!!  Here are the ugly things, they don't look so ugly now, I might actually be able to use them for something....

 And here it is on the front door -- what an improvement!!

You can't see in the picture, but it has some tiny red balls scattered in the twigs, and they look great, really subtle!  I just can't believe I got all this for $4.00!!!  WOW, right?!!! ^-^

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