Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glorious Wood.....and Biscuits!!

I've got all my wood ready now!!!!
I glued the split board and repainted the wood for the living room floor trim......

I got all my new wood boards ready for building the cabinet.....
  It looks so beautiful all sanded and smooth - I love the feel of it, with the grain and the knots!
And I think I'm going to make the cabinet from Country Sampler, the stained, one door cabinet....the wood is perfect for that one, and I think it will look the best in the spot I want it for.  I'm going to make it this weekend!! :-D

Today was a beautiful day - low 80s and low humidity....I'm sitting here with my windows open (it's 11pm) and the breeze feels wonderful!!  BUT.....oppressive heat is on it's way --  Friday, Saturday, Sunday and maybe even Monday will be in the UPPER 90s!! :-P
So, I'm enjoying this small respite....and part of that was making a yummy soup for supper tonight.....
It's Creamy Sausage Soup!!  Doesn't it look delicious??  My family loves it, and it's so simple:  mild breakfast sausage, chicken broth, potatoes, carrots, corn, garlic, onion, herbs, evaporated milk....that's it!!

I also made Cheddar Biscuits - SO YUMMY!!......
We had these at Red Lobster the one time we got to eat there, and they were my favorite part of the meal!!  I just HAD to find a way to make them myself!  And here they are!! :-D  The only problem is that everyone loves them so much, I always only get one!  One of these days, I'm going to double the recipe!! ^-^

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