Monday, June 11, 2012

Beans, Trim, and Birdies!!

Well, I did some good yesterday -- I planted the beans, and I finished the (first) living room wall trim!
See the different color?  That's because this trim was painted for the wallpaper room, but we didn't need it!  I use that plaster knife so I can paint the edge quickly without hitting the wall - it's easier than tape and small brushes! (and that's Emily's hand - she loves to help, and didn't want to take the picture of MY hand!!)

What a difference! (that's my library room through that door)  I am going to stencil along the ceiling in this room, whenever I can decide which I want to use!! :-D   I'm also struggling with curtain choices -- I have a few long panels that my mom sent me last year, plus I've purchased fabric to make them.....which should I pick???

OH!!  And yesterday, I got a picture of the mama bird getting a little moment to herself - who can blame her! (LOL)
She just kept sitting there!  I knew she had to be the mom, because when I moved a little and she saw me, she jumped right down into her nest instead of hopping under the door and flying away like the dad does.  They are both leaving the nest now and bringing back food.  I hear very little chirping - and if I make any sound near them when they are "peeping", they instantly quiet down!  That's SO cute!!

I guess tomorrow I ought to get started on the painting the hallway trim....I'm kind of nervous about painting the hallway doors that red, because it will be so dark down there....if only there was a way to SEE them painted and then decide!  UGH!!  More of these decisions that stop me in my tracks!  WHY can't just know what I'm going to do, and then confidently DO it?!!  I don't know, but I never can.

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