Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Did It!!!

I "fixed" the shelves above the living room fireplace.....
What do you think??  I am not sure if I like it yet, but I'm leaving it to live with for a few days - it took me an hour to come up with this!! LOL  At least it's better than what was there before!  I moved most of these things from other spots in the kitchen, so those areas need mixing up now too.  I'm feeling ok about it....I've got my magazines open to the rooms that match what I'm going for, and they are inspiring me to keep trying!!  Digging around in my stuff, I found things I forgot that I had, like that tin plate and the little pewter creamer on top - I've collected some nice things!  I need to get them displayed!!

I painted most of the trim today, too (phew!) - I even got some trim around a doorway that has been unfinished for all these years!  I keep looking at it....it looks GREAT!! (of course it does! Haha!!)  I need to do a second coat in the hallway now.  I really like how that angled end looks with the way we evened it up, too -- I'm glad that worked out!

I sanded a piece of the cheap rough wood today, and I LOVE it!!!  It looks beautiful sanded, I almost didn't want to paint it!  It might be a little too rough for trim (so we'll plane it), but it's perfect for the cabinets and shelves I want to make!!  Right after this post, I'm going to work out a design for one that I've wanted for quite awhile....I'll post pictures of that next time (my design, I mean).  I also sanded the seam for my small chest project, remember this.....?
A little sanding, and the seam is almost non-existent!  Now, if only I can pick a paint color.....! :-D

I don't know how much I'll be doing tomorrow....the kids have their orthodontist appointment again (did 4 weeks go by already???), and I'll have to water the garden when we get home.  That might take up too much time before dinner, but we'll see.  Maybe I'll hem up the curtains instead...? ^-^

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