Saturday, June 9, 2012


I finally did it....I finally found some worth-while things at the thrift store!!!  You remember I posted a few days ago about being there, but I had to go back today to find something for my kids (which wasn't there), so we poked around for fun and found THIS.....
Can you believe it?  It's heavy, and if you can see the back slats, one is broken, leaving an open space - just perfect!!  The best was $3!!!  I'm not even going to paint this, it's perfect the way it is!  I might take those front-corner bracket-thingys off, but that's IT!  I LOVE this shelf, I keep looking at it, marveling at my luck!! :-D

And, that's not all!  I also brought home these.....

Puppy is so cute, checking them out!!  I will paint that box above that Puppy is smelling, and look at that red's another great find, I love it!  No need to paint that, either, but the wall basket next to it WILL be painted.  $1 each for the baskets, and $2 for the wooden box!  VERY exciting!!!

We bought wood for the final hallway ceiling trim, the extra-wide trim, but I'm not sure if Brian will do that tomorrow.....he might still be helping our neighbor with her pool pump (there's a leak somewhere now).  If he gets done quickly enough, he just MIGHT do it....!! ^-^

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