Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can Crochet Be Primitive??

I have been crocheting since I was 14 years old, and I LOVE it!  I am an advanced crocheter too, so it's very easy for me to make what I want with crochet - I've made lots of stuff, sometimes even without a pattern!
The only problem is, it's not really "primitive"....early American needlework was sewn or knitted, I can't remember any examples of crocheted items.  And most crochet has a Victorian look, which I try to avoid at all costs!

So, looking through those Colonial Homes magazines from my last post, one of the pictures was a blanket on a bed, and it was crocheted!!
Now granted, the decor is colonial-lite, but does that blanket look "primitive"??  I actually love it, and could make it just from studying the picture, but is it too frilly for a primitive home-to-be?

Since I have no experience as a quilter, but I love patchwork quilts (and they cost hundreds to thousands of dollars!), this is the best I could do with my hook and yarn......!! ^-^

 I'm not finished with any of them yet (I usually stop crocheting after the winter, when I get excited about gardening and fixing the house again!), but I love making them!  My favorite is the middle one, the picture doesn't capture the vivid dark red very well, in real life it's lovely!  As you can see, my big baby boy likes the bottom one the best! LOL  He only jumped up there because I spread that blanket out, and he wanted to insert himself into the picture - you see that he's not ALL the way on it....he's so funny!!

Here is another blanket that I'd like to make, I love the homespun/primitive look it has.....
 Isn't it perfect?!!  I am just not sure where I could get cotton yarn that color (I always make my blankets cotton or wool)'s like a taupe, and I've never seen it in a cotton yarn.
Anyway, that's the only primitive looking crochet I've ever seen....maybe I need to learn to quilt???

*SIGH!!  So the weather has been gorgeous the past 5 days or so - it's been partly sunny and COOL, only mid-70s for highs.  Right now I'm sitting next to the open window, and I'm a little cold!  What a wonderful final break from the heat right before summer....this will be the last cool air for a few months, I bet!!

Tomorrow I want to sand and paint the trim that I've been finishing with wood putty.  Any maybe it's time to plant the basil and cucumbers? ^-^

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  1. Wow the "quilt" blocks look great! I love the last photo of the coverlet be sure to post photos when you make it!