Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Did THESE Come From??

Today, my husband had (another) doctor's appointment, so I only got to work on the trim for about an hour before I had to make lunch and then leave with him.  We stopped at Habitat for Humanity, and look what I found.....!

Have you ever seen this magazine??  It's Colonial Homes!  I've never even heard of this magazine before!!  I didn't get to look through them all very well, because we had to get to Brian's appointment, but they were 25 cents each....I could afford them! LOL
So in the waiting room I was able to look through a few of them -- they aren't as perfect as A Primitive Place, or as thick as the old Country Living, but they ARE fun!!  There were several tag-able pages, in just the few that I brought with me into the waiting room!  Of course, I DO NOT need any more magazines (!!!), but they were 25 cents each....I'd buy plain paper for that!! LOL

Tomorrow, I will be Stuck Home again (yay!), so I plan on finishing putting wood putty on the trim, and maybe even painting it, and doing some more in my garden - I have green tomatoes and tiny peppers up there! - and I am also going to make Turtle Cake for a friend of my boys', who had his birthday a couple of days ago.  I'll be sure to take pictures! ^-^

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