Friday, June 8, 2012

Plans, Always More Plans.....

I have a new plan:  as I've been painting trim and doors around here, on and off, I came to this closet door -- I've only half-painted it with the red......
I stopped because I don't really want that door for the closet!  I really think it needs to be a door like we made for the pantry......
I LOVE that door!!  I never get tired of using that latch to open it, either!  It adds so much to the look of our little laundry room, and I think it would look perfect painted Plantation Red in our main living area!!!  I already have the wood sizes figured out.  Now to convince Brian..... LOL

Looking at that bottom picture, the flash made the walls look really white!  They don't look like that when I'm standing in there, because it's a dark little spot.  Still, it's been two years since we re-did the laundry area, and I've always wanted to sponge or wipe a darker coating onto the walls and bead board, but I've always been afraid too!  I tried a little bit when they were first painted, and it didn't come out right AT ALL, so I chickened out and left them alone....but I still wanted to find a way to do it.  Now looking at this picture, I think I need to make a plan to try again - it will be perfectly timed to figure it out for the living room walls that need to be repainted too!!  Picture trails and APP tutorials should give me confidence!

This morning, Brian re-tilled the bean plant area (so I can finally plant the beans), and I pulled some more grass around the tomato plants and watered.  There are many green tomatoes coming along!!

Look at them all!!!
I am not sure which types I planted where....a few got mixed up in the beginning, and then I just never labeled any of the others that I planted!!  I figured I'd know what the plant was when I was picking the tomatoes off of it! LOL 

I have BIG plans for all these tomatoes:  I want to make tomato soup and tomato juice again, and I loved having the garlic-basil tomatoes and the tomatoes with marjoram or cilantro, but our favorite has to be the SALSA!  Yum, yum!!  I have a few different recipes, and we love them all!  I don't like my salsa spicy, but Brian loves his super-spicy.  When the tomatoes start coming in, I'll be working all day!!

So anyway, those are my plans - the door, the walls, the tomatoes.  I've got more, but I'll keep them to myself....for now.....!! ^-^

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