Friday, June 29, 2012

The Oven Is On....HIGH!!!

WOW, it's HOT!!  There is a heatwave that has been baking most of the country, and today it made it's way to us (in the Southeast)!  They said it was 104 degrees today!!!  That's the highest temperature recorded here, EVER, and it's only reached 104 a handful of times in the past 150 years.....and it's supposed to get to 105-106 tomorrow! 
Now, here it was around 102, probably because we are in the grass and trees instead of tar and concrete in the city....but tonight I went out at 8pm to water my poor tomatoes and peppers, and it was still 92 degrees out!  WOW!!!

So this is supposed to stick around for several more days, and then it's going to cool off into the mid 90's!! LOL

Needless to say, I may not be staining boards outside for a little while longer!  I think I'm going to buy paint for the walls tomorrow....I'm not sure!  I can't decided if I should, or which color I should pick!!!  One thing I do know, is that whatever I decide to do, which ever color I pick....I will regret it!  It's inevitable!!! :-(
*Sigh!*  Well, I still have time to figure it out (about 12 hours, to be exact).....

So, since it's too hot to think of any kind of real projects, I think I'll post some of my past projects!

Here are some houses that I copied almost exactly from The Country House catalog.....

 Aren't they cute?!!  I love them!  I'd really like to make more of them someday!!

Let's see.....Ok, here is a bucket bench that I designed from one I saw in one of my very favorite houses, in a Country Living magazine from December 1995.  The article is "Christmas In Ohio" - I love everything in that house!!  But this bucket bench was simple enough for me to tackle, and I really wanted one! :-D
My "aging" doesn't look as good as I wanted, but I guess it's good enough - here it is decorated for Christmas......
 It would look so much better without the hideous white plastic floor (:-P), but I like how it looks in the kitchen anyway!

And last but not least, here is a table I designed for the kitchen (and Brian helped me build it) - I stained it, but now I'm thinking I want to paint it, and I have no clue what color I want it to be! (what's new??).....
I really like the design, but the problem is, I'm not sure how to "distress" something that is stained - sanding only exposed really light-colored wood!  I'm thinking of posting a question about it to the ladies on A Primitive Place -- THEY would know what to do!!!

So, that's all I have that's exciting to show you tonight.....hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to confidently post about my wall paint!! LOL

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